What Does Bounce Rate Mean?

Posted by Vanessa Murray on January 12, 2017 in General

Understanding your bounce rate will help you will help you get more results with the traffic you’re already getting to your website or wordpress blog. In this article you will learn how to answer the question “What Does Bounce Rate Mean” & and what you can do to improve it.”

What does bounce rate mean?

Simply put, a bounce happens any time a visitor comes to your website and then leaves without clicking on any other pages of your site. There could be many reasons why this is a valid thing, but for the most part balances are not considered good. Think of it like the visitor coming to your site and then literally bouncing back to Google.

Understanding your bounce rate is an important metric when it comes to optimizing your site for search engines like Google. Google wants to deliver quality results for visitors who use their search engine. When a visitor finds content they are looking for, the natural thing to do is to explore the website where they found it.

So when Google sees that someone searched for information, click your website, and then left without going to any other pages… Google thinks that your page was probably not very relevant to what that visitor wanted. If your content was really relevant to what they were searching for, visitors will naturally check out some of the other pages of your site.

A higher bounce rate is not good. That means that most of your traffic is coming to one page and then leaving. So the meaning of a lower bounce rate is that people are coming to your site for one term but then visiting other pages your site before they leave. Think of it like a two-for-one deal. When one visitor goes to multiple pages, you get maximum exposure for your site.

What causes your bounce rate to go up?

  • Visitor hits the back button (They don’t like me?)
  • Closing the browser after getting to your page (What did I say?)
  • Clicking one of your ads (Ok, if I make a sale, I’m good with that)
  • Visitor Clicked a Link I put to another website (Why did I put that there anyway?)

Tips for improving your bounce rate

  • In your articles link to other related articles on your website
  • if you’re a WordPress blogger, add the WordPress Related Posts plugin which automatically links your posts to other related articles.
  • Check Your Keywords to make sure they are relevant to what you wrote about.
  • Make sure any searches you’re getting from Google deliver what the search promised. This means you want to make it incredibly obvious that the visitor landed on the page that delivers what the search promised. If they searched for “YouTube Embed Code”, make sure the title, first paragraph, and main bullets are bolded on the page & have those words. Visitors make a decision in a just a few seconds whether or not they’re going to stay. If they have to figure out where the content is they usually just hit the back button.
  • Try writing your articles in a series. Then be sure to link to the other articles in this series somewhere in your post.


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