The Nashua Education Foundation

The Nashua Public School system has a solid foundation.  However, schools need additional resources to provide a quality education and pursue excellence.  Improvement will depend more and more on business and community involvement through support for projects not typically covered by public funds – enriching projects unique to our community and within our control.  By fostering public and private partnerships, Nashua will have a stronger education system in which children of all kinds can flourish and succeed.

The Nashua Education Foundation has lofty goals for our organization as well as for Nashua students.  Our goals include serving as a catalyst for educational initiatives from the community. We also hope to serve as a mechanism that encourages pass-through giving for programs which align with the Nashua School District mission, all while maintaining the Foundation as an independent entity from the Nashua School District

 Potential Areas of Focus

  • Grants to Teachers for Classroom Initiatives
  • Student and Teacher Recognitions and Awards
  • Foreign Language Instructional Programs
  • Pre-Kindergarten Experiences
  • Gifted & Talented Instructional Needs (materials and enrichment)  
  • Business & Civic Enhancement Programs (Exchange City, Leadership Programs)
  • Tutoring and Remedial Programs (summer or after school)
  • After School Enrichment
  • Math, Science, Technology Education
  • Vocational, Applied Technology Support
  • Performing and Fine Arts Programs
  • Paraprofessional and Special Education Training
  • Student Scholarships for College and Summer Enrichment Experiences
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