NEFie Winners



Stanley Stoncius – Ron Kraus Outside the Profession Award

Amy St. Ours – Fairgrounds Elementary
Andrea Zona – Elm Street Middle School
Dave Purington – Elm Street Middle School
Diane Capps – Amherst St./Mt. Pleasant
Jeanne O’Brien – Nashua High School South
Jenn Campo – Nashua High School North
Jennifer Fitzgerald – Nashua High School North
Judy Loftus – Nashua High School South
Kathy Karvelas – Fairgrounds Middle School
Lynne Lamontagne – Dr. Crisp
Patty King – Pennichuck Middle School
Rosemary Brandi – Elm Street Middle School
Timothy Bosch – Nashua High School North



Margaret Reynolds – Ron Kraus Outside the Profession Award

Ami Rich – Nashua High School North
Bonnie Mengel – Elm Street Middle School
Claudia Castano – Nashua High School North
Jeff Leone – Nashua High School South
Jess Coffin – New Searles Elementary School
John Connolly – Pennichuck Middle School
Katie Mercier – Nashua High School North
Linda Lennon – Elm Street Middle School
Lisa Saunders – Bicentennial Elementary School
Louise Norway – Sunset Heights Elementary School
Neil Claffey – Nashua High School South
Robin Abodeely – Dr. Crisp Elementary School
Tom Souza – Fairgrounds Middle School




Nashua Education Foundation

Excellence in Education Awards


Robert Sherman –

Ron Kraus Outside the Profession Award


Anne Price – Sunset Heights/Bicentennial Elementary

Chad Zibolis – Elm Street Middle School

Janelle Shields – Fairgrounds Elementary

Jayne Wing – Nashua High School South

Julia Horaj – Pennichuck Middle School

Kristin Olsen – Nashua High School North

Linda Cardello – Elm Street Middle School

Maureet Patt – Broad Street Elementary

Patrick Johnson – Nashua High School North

Patty Peasley – Pennichuck Middle School

Richard Beaumont – Nashua High School South

Susan Nichols – Sunset Heights Elementary

William Dubois  – Fairgrounds Middle School



Helen Honorow – Ron Kraus Outside the Profession Award Winner


Charles Vorias – New Searles

Charles Ziniti – Nashua North

Chelsea Huckins – Penninchuck

Cheryl Burns – Elm Street Middle

Elizabeth Thomson – Nashua North

Jill Tacy – Broad Street

Judy Cummings – Bicentennial

Karen Munz – Elm Street MIddle

Mary Coe Foran – Fairgrounds Middle

Rob Souter  – New Searles

Scott Anderson – Nashua South

Tanya Ackerman – Fairgrounds Elementary

Travis Cote – Pennichuck



Dr. Carl Quimby, DO– Ron Kraus Outside the Profession Award

Tony Courounis – Nashua High School South

Louise Dubois – Charlotte Ave. School
Claudia Martineau – Broad St School
Jessica Provencher – Elm St Middle School
Irene Pitsillides – Elm St Middle School
Nancy Bozek – Amherst St School
Samantha Little – Fairgrounds Middle School
Sarah Page – Broad Street Elementary School
Leslie Anton – Nashua High School North
Monica Tino – Pennichuck Middle School
Kristi Rouleau – Bicentennial School
Kallie Provencher – Nashua High School North
Rob Clauss – Nashua High School South


Ron Kraus Outside the Profession Award Winners

Tulley Automotive Group & Peters of Nashua

Corinne Stoney – New Searles Elementary

Heather Dubois – Nashua High School South

Brandi MacDonald – Nashua High School North

Tamara Marcaurelle – Elm St Middle School

Evan Johnson – Bicentennial Elementary

Nanette Corriveau – Fairgrounds Middle School

Kim Remillard – Broad Street School

Cathy Belanger – Elm Street Middle School

Laurie Gilbert – Nashua High School South

Patty Davidson – Elm Street Middle School

Joy Brito – Fairgrounds Elementary School

Lynda Walsh – Pennichuck Middle School

Steve Fitzgerald – Nashua High School North



No Awards Presented


No Awards Presentes



Ron Kraus Outside the Profession Award Winners

The United Way of Greater Nashua


Cheri Gratton – New Searles Elementary

Nate Mazerolle – Nashua High School South

Kristen Mailhot – Nashua High School North

Anastasia Lopez – Elm St Middle School

James Gaj – Nashua High School South

Roberta Flanagan – Fairgrounds Middle School

Diane Merchant – Mt Pleasant School

Emily Crusciel – Fairgrounds Elementary School

Jeanmarie Eckstein – Charlotte Avenue School

Meghan Durden – Charlotte Avenue School

Julie Oliver – Birch Hill Elementary School

Sarah Desaulniers – Pennichuck Middle School

Maureen Curran – Nashua High School North

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